Red Lipstick

I love this red lipstick. I discovered this shade watching Youtube. It is such a pretty shade of red. It is moisturizing with a good shiny look. I love red lipstick now. I was always afraid to wear it. But this shade is perfect. It compliments my skin nicely.


Products Used For This Look

Products Used On My Face


Makeup Novice

You have to start before you can succeed at anything.

I want to get better at doing my makeup. I have been watching a lot of Youtube makeup tutorials. Now it is time to put what I have learned into practice. Here is the outcome.


It was such a struggle to even get to this point. Let me just start by saying doing makeup is harder than it looks. But I am still encouraged to get better at this. Practice makes perfect and that is what I plan to do.




What to Wear to A Summer Wedding 2016

What to wear to a Summer wedding 2016? Summer is almost here, and you may find yourself asking that question. Well look no further. I got you covered with 3 options on the type of dress you could wear.




Dress to Wear to a Summer Wedding 2016


Jane Norman maxi dress
$71 –

Chain purse
$22 –

Bib necklace



Wedding Guest Dress For Summer


Joelle maxi dress

Nina Ricci leather handbag
$1,255 –

Michael Kors layered necklace
$120 –
Dress Idea What to Wear to a Summer Wedding




Ideas are Worthless Without Execution


Ideas are worthless without execution, and execution is pointless without ideas. These words resonate so well with me. I have about at least three notebooks full of ideas. Goals, things I would like to do, accomplish, and things I would like to create. Those words helped me to realize that I need to get busy on my execution.

Today is a new start for me. Today, June 13, 2016 I have 201 days to start accomplishing my goals. So cheers to the rest of the year. I know it will be filled with many blessings as I work toward my vision set for my life.

I hope this quote reached you in a way that you, as well, can become a better person. What are some things that you would like to accomplish? Write them down and work on achieving them.

Love Always, CompletelyMaya

Act In Spite Of Fear


Act in spite of fear.  Most people let fear stop them. Actions lead to results. You have to take real action to succeed. Fear is one of the greatest hurdles that prevents one from prosperity and happiness.   The huge mistake that most people make is delaying action, waiting on the sense of fear to disappear. Which results in most people not acting at all.

In the T. Harv Eker Book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, he states: “If you are willing to do what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy. You have to train yourself to not be stopped by anything.”

Lesson Learned: Act in spite of fear. Whatever it is that one wants to do, do it in spite of fear. Take action because that leads to results.

Happy Monday all. Lets have a great week. And take action in spite of fear. We have all been blessed with another day to accomplish goals. So let’s go and be great.

Coachella What To Wear To A Music Festival

I am in cold Michigan. No Coachella for me, but I am feeling Coachella inspired. This is what I would wear if I were in sunny California.